In my podcast I’ve had a chat with an anonymous source who has some relevant points for discussion regarding the use of cannabis oil for ill patients. This source has friends who suffer from epilepsy and advocate for the use of cannabis oil as treatment. This source is aware in the gap of what we’re being told regarding the legalisation process and what is actually being done, as he himself applied for a permit to grow and cultivate medical cannabis and never heard anything back. I think this discussion has been relevant and informative regarding my research. Nothing is more valuable then hearing the opinions or anecdotal evidence of a source who has first hand experience with the topic of research.
I hope my conversation with this source brings to your attention the need for cannabis oil to be decriminalised and more accessible for those patients who really need it.

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In this video I’ve done my best to highlight the benefits of cannabis oil for terminally ill patients or those who suffer from a chronic pain disorder. I’ve only discussed a few of the many case studies that prove cannabis oil is helping suffering patients. This video is brief, but was made in an attempt to open peoples’ eyes about what’s happening in Australia regarding the slow legalisation process of this medicine and show why it needs to be decriminalised.

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