I am here to discuss the legalisation process of medical marijuana in Australia. While it’s being told to the public that cannabis is now legal for suffering patients, the access to this drug is just not there. People are suffering terminal illnesses, chronic pain disorders, epilepsy and much more and cannabis oil seems to be the only thing that is working for them.

During my research I have looked at many different case studies that prove this medicine is saving and bettering peoples’ lives. I wanted to highlight how important it is for this drug to be decriminalised and legalised for those who really need it. This needs to be done quicker and more efficiently– we’re being told this medicine is legal now, but is it really? Because people are STILL suffering without it.

Although my research merely highlights the importance and urgency of this medicine, I hope it has also shown the major gap between what we’re being told and what is actually being done for those who are suffering.